Saturday, October 13, 2012

Unexpected Finds


While I was out shopping with my husband, we decided to go to Marshall's to look around. While I was there, I came across some unexpected finds. I found different types of sprinkles and this awesome Bakerella Cake Pop Kit! 

(Above: White sugar sprinkles, Pink sugar sprinkles, White Jimmies, White edible pearls, pink and green chocolate covered sunflower seeds, black and blue chocolate covered seeds.) 

These sprinkles/Jimmies/Pearls were an awesome find because the bottle is fairly big and they were $4.99 each. The jimmies and pearls especially can cost well over $4.99 for the size of the container. The colored chocolate covered sunflower seeds can be used for things like a nose for character cake pops. :) I'm always looking at candy for ideas to use to decorate my cake pops. 

The cake pop kit is really nice. It comes with bags, lollipop sticks, different color ribbon to tie your cake pops, a cardboard cake pop stand, different labels to put on your cake pops, and a mini Bakerella cake pop book. It's a great find for $12. 

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