Monday, October 15, 2012

Chocolate Covered "Oreos"


So I was at home doing nothing when I remembered that I had bought a cookie mold from Cake Walk (my local cake supply store.) Why not try doing chocolate covered Oreos?? And since Halloween is right around the corner, why not do orange? :) 

Here is what you'll need:
cookie mold
candy melts (I recommend Merken's candy--it's delicious.)
Paramount Crystals (if needed) 
cookie sheet 
Oreos or any chocolate creme sandwiches

I began by melting the orange candy in the microwave. I added 1 tablespoon of the paramount crystals to help smooth it out more. If you overheat the candy, you'll burn it and you'll have to throw it away. 

I filled each mold about 1/2 way up so that when I pushed the Oreo into the candy, the candy would come up the sides. I used double stuffed Oreo for these but I think I am going to try using the regular Oreo's next time because the Oreo cookie was thick for the mold. 

I pushed down a little bit. If you push all the way down, it'll show thru the bottom (which later will be the top). 

I spooned the candy over the mold to cover the cookie. 

 I then tried pouring the candy over the cookie as well. :)

Once the Oreo's are covered, I used my medal spatula to scrape the tops of the molds to give it a clean level finish. 

I didn't scrape the chocolate off the mold very well. :) Before I put the mold in the refrigerator to harden, I made sure I got any air bubbles out by taping it on the table a few times. 

Remember all the chocolate we spread when we were leveling the molds? When I took the mold out of the refrigerator, I moved it around like you would an ice try to break up the chocolate that was spread on the mold. I got the big pieces out of the way. I placed the cookie sheet on top of the mold and flipped over the mold onto the cookie sheet. The Oreo's came out real easy. I still had some stray chocolate along the Oreos so I took a small pairing knife and went around the bottom of the Oreo to give it a more clean finish. 

I can't wait to try them out! Hope this was helpful. :)

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