Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hello Kitty


I got asked to make Hello Kitty cake pops for a child's birthday. I have made these in the past but like every cake pop order that I get, I treat each and everyone as equally important. 

The client wanted vanilla flavored cake pops so that all the kids could eat them. I used white chocolate chips to use as ears. I dipped the cake pops in white chocolate and decorated each one with a red bow made of tiny red heart sprinkles. I used black confetti sprinkles for the eyes and a yellow confetti sprinkle for the nose. The final touch...I drew the whiskers on each cake pop with an Ameri Color edible pen. 

Hello Kitty's in the making. :)


Hiding behind my Hello Kitty cake pop :)

Hello Kitty spotlight 

Hello Kitty army 

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