Monday, October 8, 2012

House Warming Cake Pops


Today I am making cake pops for my sister's house warming party. I offered to take care of the desserts for her party so I thought making cake pops, cupcakes, and cookies would be a good choice. My husband and I always tag team when it comes to baking. He helps me so that I don't feel overwhelmed in the kitchen and it helps me to stay focused on what I am doing. 

We made vanilla cake pops dipped in white chocolate (blue) and chocolate candy; chocolate cupcakes with blue tinted buttercream and chocolate buttercream frosting; chocolate chip and walnut cookies, and chocolate chip m&m (blue) cookies. I added edible glitter to the tops of the cupcakes to give it that extra sparkle and it really made the cupcakes stand out. I got this idea to from my local cake supply store that sells cupcakes called "Cake Walk". The vanilla cake pops were actually an accident. I was originally planning on making vanilla and chocolate cupcakes but I accidentally made the vanilla cake for the cake pops. Since I already made the vanilla cake for the cake pops, I decided to just leave the cake pops vanilla flavored and have the cupcakes be chocolate. 

Since my sister was using a color scheme of blue and brown, I decided to show that through the desserts. I bought blue m&m's at a candy store (which was expensive) but worth it. I tinted the buttercream blue with "SKY BLUE" by AmeriColor to give it a bright blue hue. For the cake pops, I bought "LIGHT BLUE" candy wafers in the Merkens brand. You can find this at your local cake supply place. I got mine from "The Cake Walk" in Redlands, CA. You can't find this brand at Michaels or Joann's because they only sell the Wilton brand. I highly recommend that you switch brands if you use Wilton because it tastes so much better and it melts a lot better. Wilton's candy melts tend to be waxy and they are inconsistent when it comes to the melting processes. The candy, frosting and m&m's helped tie in all the blue and brown. I used chocolate chips for the brown in the cookies; chocolate buttercream frosting on 1/2 the cupcakes and chocolate candy melts for the cake pops. I sprinkled the cupcakes with edible glitter called "Disco Dust-Clear Gold" by The Sugar Art. I got all these products at my local cake supply store. 

Here's a close up of the cupcakes with the edible glitter. I used the big star tip to pipe the frosting. You can use a piping bag, reusable piping bag, or even a Ziploc bag. I used a disposable pipping bag here. 

Here is what the cake pops look like up close. :) I decided to dip 1/2 of them in the "Light Blue" and the other half in chocolate. Once they were dry, I drizzled the opposite color over the cake pops. 

Here is what the desserts looked like after it was all put together at the party.(I went and bought some clear platters at the Dollar Tree to display all the desserts. An inexpensive way to make these look all dressed up.) 


  1. Hey do you make your own icing? I would love to learn how to make different kinds of icing.

  2. @ Anonymous- I know how to make buttercream but I usually buy it. I find that it saves me time to do that I can always tweak the buttercream myself by adding flavors and tinting it. :)